VLC2VCam plugin published (Current Version Only works for VLC 1.x & 2.0)

What Is VLC and VLC Plugin?

VLC is the most famous free, open source and cross-platform multimedia player on the planet. VLC Player has a framework that plays most multimedia video as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, RTSP, MMS and other various streaming protocols.

To let 3rd partners extend the features of VLC player, VLC Player is based on modules and plugins. Public API system of VLC is opened so that we can develop a VLC Plugin(actually, a dynamic link module) that seamlessly works with VLC Player to add new features to the standard VLC Player.

What Is VCam?

VCam(aka.virtual webcam) is a software generated webcam. You can add it to your computer and use it as a real camera. The content of VCam is completely customizable, you can set video files, screen, real webcam, IP Cam, TV cards, and even VLC Player as its output. Another benefit of VCam is it can edit and add video effects in real-time.

All Internet streaming/broadcasting software support reading data from webcam and VCam.

Now, What Is VLC2VCam?

VLC2VCam is a VLC Plugin to turn VLC player to a VCam(virtual webcam). VLC2VCam is a software bridge to redirect VLC video to VCam broadcasting. VLC2VCam can automatically sync video/audios between VLC and VCam. With VLC2VCam, you can use VLC as a webcam:

1) Play all kinds of local/streaming videos with VLC;

2) VLC2VCam automatically sends video pictures to VCam;

3) In VCam, you can edit VLC video, add video effects, add texts and screens and then broadcast the results on web lively.

How to use VLC2VCam?

There are several VCam(virtual webcam) software on Internet. Below is a list for them:

WebcamMax, MagicCamera virtual webcam, Manycam, e2esoft VCam.

They are similar software, however, after thoroughly testing, we choose Magic Camera as our supported VCam at this time. The reasons are MagicCamera is more popular(20K downloads/week, according to CNet) and also, MagicCamera is the feature winner in our VCam software testings.

What you need to do to use VLC2VCam:

Step1.Download and install VLC Player from its official site.

Or, you can also download the VLC Player that we have tested.


Step2.Download and install our customized MagicCamera VLC version.

The above version of MagicCamera is 8.5.

Alternatively, you can also download the latest version of MagicCamera from their official website and copy this dll to MagicCamera installation directory. Then run the following command with Administrator account:

regsvr32 vlccam.dll


Step3.Download VLC2VCam plugin and copy it to VLC video out plugin directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\plugins\video_output


Step4.Then set MagicCamera video output as the default video output in VLC plugin system:

set VCam as the video output plugin of VLC player


Step5.Now launch MagicCamera software, switch to webcam page, and then set VLC Capture as its input VCam(virtual webcam).

Step6.Play anything you want in VLC player, for example, play a film video(either from local file or from mms/rtsp/streaming) in VLC if you want to broadcast this video. Then you will find MagicCamera also play that video simultaneously.

VLC is synced to VCam

Step7.Now in your webcam broadcasting application/website(e.g., justin.tv)), choose 'MagicCamera Capture' as your input camera to broadcast VLC video content.

NOTE1.To include sounds as well, try Virtual Audio Cable or Virtual Sound Card software. For example, you can stream "Rec.play/What you hear/VirtualAudioStreaming" as your virtual microphone for broadcasting.

NOTE2.To broadcast several channels and files at the same time, launch several VLC Player and MagicCamera virtual webcam.

Support broadcast several vlc videos in several MagicCamera virtual webcam at the same time


Play, edit and broadcast videos with VLC+VLC2VCam+VCam(virtual webcam)

Already familiar with VLC2VCam? For an all-in-one and quick package, download below:

  Package Name: VLC Player, VCam(MagicCamera), VLC2VCam

  Price: Free!

  Support OS: Run on all platforms: Windows XP/2003/2008/Windows 7/8, 32bits & 64bits

download VCam VLC plugin



See demo video on YouTube 

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